I Have Some New Allergies

I do not really know how it could have taken so long for these allergies to become such a problem. I had to go to a skin doctor and he told me that I would most likely be able to just change the type of soap that I use and eventually find something that did not irritate my skin. In fact it looks like I may really have to get some handmade soap, so I went on the web and found out there is a site called waterliliesandcompany.com which sells it. Of course I had this problem in the past, but not in the soap that I use on my skin. Instead I had trouble with the detergent that my Mom would use to wash my clothes, especially my underwear. That is up close and personal with a very sensitive part of the body obviously, so if you are allergic to something on your tightly whities, then that is going to be a serious problem.

I am not sure that I am going to be able to find all of the things that I put on my skin around here, so I have to figure out what is going to work and where I can get stuff that is not going to have the stuff in it that I am allergic to. It seems like for now the only option may be to get things that are made very simply, since it seems that the problem lies in some of the unnecessary stuff that they put in all of the things in the soap that really does not need to be there. It does not help you get your skin clean obviously and therefore it is not going to be any use to you, but has some other value to the manufacturer.