Discover Horseback Riding in San Diego

San Diego, California is one of the premier tourist destinations for people all over the world. Known for its temperate climate, beautiful beaches and world class sailing San Diego County also provides travelers and local residence a wide variety of horseback riding activities. Horseback riding is centuries old and people for centuries have used horses for work and pleasure. Horseback riding is a great recreational activity and provides the opportunity to learn the skill of riding while teaching practical life lessons like self-confidence, compassion and problem solving.

There is horseback riding for everyone in San Diego, from beginner to more experienced rider, young and old alike will find a horseback riding activity that suits them. If your looking to get a taste of the Old West, saddle up and enjoy a guided trail ride just a short drive from downtown San Diego. Most trail rides have a minimum age requirement of 7 years old and a weight limit of 225 lbs and be sure to wear long pants and closed toe shoes for your protection. Stables that offer trail rides are usually open year round. A group trail ride is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in San Diego. Many stables also have an outdoor riding arena for those who might not be ready to experience the miles of trails San Diego County has to offer.

If you have a little more time to give the sport of horseback riding San Diego is a great place to try on your equestrian boots. Stables through out San Diego are equipped with beautiful horses and qualified trainers to help you get started on a life long journey in horseback riding. These state of the art facilities offer riding lessons including: hunter, jumper, western and trail riding. If you live in San Diego and want to pursue horseback riding most horse farms have stables and amenities that can be utilized for boarding horses that you own or lease. They are dedicated to making horseback riding a wonderful experience for both the horses and the humans who love them.

For individuals with disabilities, equestrian therapy is a great way to overcome challenges and gain knowledge and skills they might not have imagined. Horseback riding as a recreational activity provides improved coordination, muscular strength, motor skills, flexibility and self- esteem. These horse farms are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through horseback riding activities in a safe environment.

As much as we all like horses, some of us like them from a greater distance. Ranches in San Diego are fantastic venues for your family and friends to experience the cowboy way of life on a smaller scale. Many horse farms have a petting zoo with small farm animals such as miniature horses, llamas, chickens, sheep, potbelly pigs and goats. These farms are great for a themed birthday party. Horse drawn wagons or carriages can also add a twist to Christmas caroling and carriages are a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, wedding or prom.

Whether you prefer horseback riding for weekend entertainment or want to pursue competitive horseback riding, San Diego has what you are looking for. Come and experience these majestic animals for yourself.